SEO Consulting: What is It? Do you Need It?


While a large chunk of these websites are personal sites that the owner puts up for his own satisfaction, a rapidly increasing number of them have been put up for a commercial purpose.

The biggest challenge you will face as a business website owner (which any SEO Consulting firm will tell you) is finding ways and means for many visitors to come and visit your site, thus increasing your chances of generating business. One way you can achieve this objective is to spend on traditional and/or on-line advertising and promotions to build brand awareness. While this is unarguably an effective strategy, not only is it quite expensive, it is also not targeted, i.e., it does not select the market that you are really interested in communicating to.

Fortunately, SEO consulting firms (or individuals) will tell you, there is a more practical and effective way to attract the right market to your Internet business website, which takes advantage of three Internet facts: (1) Most, if not all, Internet users go to cyberspace for INFORMATION; (2) In seeking information, the common first step for an Internet user to take is to go to a search engine website, enter the keywords for his search, and click on one of the recommended sites spewed out; and, (3) there are only a few popular search engines on the Internet that searchers go to (SEO consulting firms know the ones that really count and keep up with their algorithm).

To get targeted visitors, therefore, you need to find a way (either by yourself or through the expertise of an SEO consulting company) to get the popular search engines to list your website as close to the top of their list based on the most common search keywords entered by the searchers that refer to information that your website provides. Performing this “trick” successfully is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about.

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