How Questions Can Help You Focus


Just try this – picture a circle of any colour you choose for at least 68 seconds. That’s only 8 seconds over a minute. Do this without letting any other stray thoughts, images or inner voices intrude in your mind. Not even one to speckle of a thought should creep in your mind, other than that circle of your favourite colour centered in your imagination.


Try it now!

Ouch! Treacherously difficult, isn’t it?

I notice a few things after several unyielding trials at meditation and concentration exercises.

If I am focusing on an image or visual object in my mind, that visual object or image tends to “morph” into something else, shifting shapes, changing colours and moving about with a life of its own.


I think that this stems from our mind being bored by our forcing it to concentrate on only one perception at a time, after having been exposed to a life-time of perceptual cognitive bombardment.

It just fights to let other thoughts and perceptions come in to kill its boredom, like a baby that is quickly bored by one toy and wants to play with the next.

If I am trying to focus on a word, a principle, a concept or idea, the intangibility of that thought and vagueness thereof simply demands other related (and un-related) ideas and concepts to flood into my mind, thus killing my concentration exercise.

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