5 Reasons Why You Should Post A Free Classified Ad


I don’t think it takes anybody very long to find out there
is an inner circle within the internet. The inner circle
is like an exclusive club, the members refer to each other
as internet gurus. Nobody ever says, “I am an internet
guru.” But they always point at each other and say, “He
is an internet guru.” (I’ve not noticed any female gurus
or guras for that matter. But then I have not been doing
this for very long.) I’ve tried to join but I have not
been able to find their organization. I’ve searched
through Google but maybe I’m not using the right keywords,
though as often as they say it the organization should be
ranked # 1 using guru as the keyword.

To remain a “guru in good standing” you must be kind,
generous and willing to share one or more internet secrets
with the general public. It’s okay to collect a fee for
sharing the secret, after all, think about how much money
they’re giving up when they let everybody in on the secret.

Even when I have paid for a secret I don’t always
understand it. That is one of the 離婚したくない場合の奥の手 reasons I am Stupidman.
I’ve tried to become a guru. I even ran an ad, “I have a
secret, pay me!” Nobody did.

But because I really want to be an internet guru I’ve
developed a plan. I am going to tell you a secret for
free. Then, you will say, “Stupidman is a guru trainee.”
Then, the next time I run an ad, “I have a secret,
pay me!!”, you will.

You’re reading this because of the catchy title, 5 Reasons
Why You Should Post A Free Classified Ad. To get the ball
rolling I’m going to share a “bonus” secret. THE CONTENT
OF THE AD DOES NOT MATTER. What? Why? Second “bonus”
secret: NOBODY READS THEM. You can post, “Spam Me” or “I
have a virus that I want to infect you with” or “I am a
serial killer, let’s get acquainted”. Content does not
matter. You will get responses that completely ignore your

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