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Construction materials (materiais de construção) are any material used for construction purpose by the Construction companies (empresas construção). Many naturally found substance such as clay, mud, wood, stone; even twigs and leaves have been used to construct buildings. Apart from these natural materials many manmade products are also now being used by the civil construction companies (empresas construção). There are few options when it comes to choosing constructional material. Which material that the Construction companies (empresas construção)
prefer depends on our budget and the climatic factors as well as the type of building we are going to build.

Wood which is the oldest form of construction material use by the civil construction companies (empresas construção civil) can decay over time and is very vulnerable to termites, moisture and fire but at the same time it has its advantages too. It is lightweight and can be easily cut to any length so many civil construction companies (empresas construção) prefer it. Many of the ancient temples and monuments are built with woods and still now they are with us. Then the civil construction companies (empresas construção civil) can go for bricks which are usually made of clay and by applying high heat it can made weather resistant. They are very easy to make and are very durable, fire resistant and economic too.

While stone is also durable and fire resistant but its heavy and become difficult to move so most of the civil construction companies doesn’t prefer it. We know that stone is popular for its good looks but now there is more efficient and cheaper construction material then stone available which look almost like stone.

Concrete is another construction material used by all Construction companies (empresas construção) as it is a flexible and economical construction material and can either be formed on the spot or made elsewhere and transported by the civil construction companies (empresas construção) to the site where their work is going on. It is an ideal construction material for all kind of construction.

In today’s building we find Iron and steel this has become the backbone of all big and small buildings. Apart from acting as a support framework, they also serve as independent foundation. All the prefabrication is made easy and fast with the help of iron and steel. The fact that it is 100 percent recyclable makes it economical and environmental friendly. With concrete, steel and iron today’s building has become strong and durable. With the help of these Construction materials (materiais de construção), the companies are building skyscraper touching the sky with proud.

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