Hypnosis – Quit Smoking Instantly with Self Hypnosis


This quit smoking hypnosis article not only helps you to quit smoking but it also mold your life towards a healthy and positive living.


People deadly try to quit smoking but they hardly realize that it is all in Michael Emery
Michael J. Emerytheir own mind. This is the reason why hypnosis has come up with the ‘Quit Smoking Hypnosis’ article, which has helped many drugs addicted people to get their life free of drugs and nicotine.

Before I tell you the quit smoking hypnosis exercise, I strongly request you to read this quit smoking hypnosis article completely once and then do the exercise because you cannot read the article and do the exercise simultaneously.

So, your quit smoking hypnosis journey begins now. Hypnosis has three states i.e. the relaxation state, suggestion and the last awakening state.

These 20 quit smoking hypnosis guidelines which I will discuss with you, will change your life completely. Try it to believe it.



1.         Sit in a calm and comfortable place where you are not at all disturbed.

2.         Now simply concentrate on your breathing and feel relax.

3.         As I count from 1 to 10 feel relaxed. With every count feel all your tensions going away and away and away. Let no thought disturb and interrupt you.

4.         Now you are completely relaxed. You are in the deep state of hypnosis.



5.         As you have entered the deep state of hypnosis, now your mind and body are completely relaxed. Now your mind is ready to accept the suggestions.

6.         Now you have to imagine yourself in a beautiful future situation where you are no more addicted to smoking.

7.         You have successfully given up that deadly habit. Now you no longer think about smoking. The act of smoking is no longer a part of your life.

8.         Feel the feeling when you do not smoke. Just see how you look. Aren’t you looking healthy? See yourself closely.

9.         Now concentrate on the environment, listen to the sounds, feel the atmosphere and smell the things of your surrounding. The atmosphere is pleasant, positive and healthy.

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