The Secret of Her Success


Despite all the “dot-com” busts a few years ago, the
Internet still represents the ultimate opportunity for
some people to turn their initiative, a good idea, and a
few bucks into a legitimate, profitable business.

One such person, Rosalind Gardner, took hers interest in
online dating services and turned it into a business that
generated almost half a million dollars in revenue last
year and should do even better this year.

The fact that she created this business without spending
one dime on product development makes her story even more

Rosalind Gardner used to make her living as an air
traffic controller, a job most people consider quite

After getting tired of swing-shift work, and though she
had no product of her own to sell and needed to make
money relatively quickly, Gardner decided to try her hand
at selling on the Internet.

What she did next might seem simpl

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